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15 reasons why Cashback World is the right choice


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16 years of experience and know-how

in supporting businesses to gain and retain
new and loyal customers, and increase their
sales in the long-term.


The Cashback World

The Cashback World
The Cashback World
is one of the biggest Shopping Communities
worldwide and offers you the shopping power
of over 14 million customers in more than 48
countries worldwide.


Our Shopping Benefits

Shopping Benefits
15 reasons to get the card . Shopping Benefits
make Partners even more attractive to new and
loyal customers by granting them Cashback and
Shopping Points for every purchase.


With Shopping Point Deals

Shopping Point Deals
With Shopping Point Deals
Partners can focus on raising awareness for
specific offers that their company currently
has running. They can also be used to increase
customer traffic during quiet periods.


Our Cashback World Partner Programs

Cashback World Partner Programs
Our Cashback World Partner Programs
for SMEs, online shops, big companies and
organisations are designed to help our Partners
succeed in their business endeavours. Our choice
of programs means that every Partner can find
just the right program for his business needs.


Customer loyalty at the highest level

is being carried out by our Partners thanks
to the UTERM. With it they can use features
such as registering sales, statistics, customer
relationship management (CRM), sending
newsletter, customer questionnaires and much


The presentation opportunities available to our Partners

include the Cashback World website with over
3.5 million page views per month, the Cashback
App with approximately 2 million downloads to
date, the websites and Cashback App versions
of our cooperation Partners’ Cashback Program,
as well as social media channels with more than
800,000 fans.


B2B offers

B2B offers
B2B offers
present our Partners even more benefits. Thanks
to special offers for company purchases and
sales within the Cashback World, our Partners
have even more attractive business options.


Our free advertising material

enables our Partners to present the benefits of
Cashback World effectively. The advertising
packet contains everything that our Loyalty
Merchants need to pique their customers’
interest at the point of sale.


Their Customer Loyalty Program

Their Customer Loyalty Program
Their Customer Loyalty Program
can be individualised by our Partners by being
able to choose from two program variations as
well as additional modules. That way they can
tailor the program to exactly suit their needs.
They can also order extra Cashback Cards and
registration flyers with their company logo.


Exclusive eVouchers

generate yet another way to get our Partners
noticed, as Cashback World Shoppers can select
them from our app at any time, and then redeem
them in store.


Our marketing and sales support

enables your company to be included in largescale campaigns, to promote special offers and
exclusive Deals in Newsletters, on social media
channels, on the Cashback World website and
on the Cashback App.


Our service and support

service and support
Our service and support
covers a variety of topics including, amongst
other things, continual maintenance, personal
guidance and help with creating exclusive offers
so that our Partner becomes a successful part of
our Shopping Community


Our satisfied customers

satisfied customers
Our satisfied customers
currently number at 140,000 Partners, including
high profile top brands, and 15,000 online shops
that trust in our high-end solutions.


We want to make the world a better place

by supporting two charitable organisations with
their aid projects. As a Cashback World Partner,
you automatically take part in our sustainable
program too, at no extra cost.


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