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Make money from your purchases

Think, if for each purchase, in certain shops, you could have back some of that money? Would be really wonderfull?
We are not talking about discounts, but about a real return of money.
How? Through a loyalty card, very similar to that of the supermarket near home. Similar but not the same.​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​


We do not speak of a one difference, but of many differences.
First of all, the supermarket card is valid only in that store, while, this is recognized in many commercial sectors without distinctions in the area.
The supermarket card is not valid abroad; what I speak of is valid in 54 countries of the world.

Points or Money?

The supermarket card gives you only loyalty points. Generally calculated in 1 point for every 5 dollar or euro. Points, not money. Then there are some thresholds to overcome to benefit from these points. The thresholds allow the points to be turned into discounts but in front of a further purchases in that store of that particular province. Spending however not small.
No purchases, no discounts.

 Threshold to overcome?

Another point in favor of our paper is that there is no threshold to overcome. Every purchase, small or big, you will have your money back.

The advantages do not end here.

Lyoness (today Cashback World) and Lyconet are FREE?

Lyoness and Lyconet are free, there’s nothing else to say! The card for the customer is free and the subscription to lyconet for the marketer is free. No one can tell you otherwise, there are no “Entry Packages”. If we talk about Lyconet in optional form you can buy: the starter pack at a cost of € 49 that you can consider the “toolbox” of your new job. Also you can buy web services called Lyconet services which are nothing more than web software offered in SaaS (Software as a service) to better analyze its structure and data of its network. Can you do business without these services? ABSOLUTELY YES!

cashback solutions

What is the cashback card?

This is a service card or loyalty card (very similar to the one from the supermarket), approved by Codacon, in Italy. The fact that there is the support of this association makes the company reliable. And it’s free.

Unlike many other cards, where you have the points, here the card holders, making purchases in the various shops affiliated, get a return in cash.

So the card guarantees a variable economic return depending on the product sector.

Moreover, what makes the particular lyoness card is that it can be used in 51 countries worldwide; nations where lyoness is present. And every year they increase. A further 7 will come within a short time.

What we are looking for

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The cashback card is free